Small Business and Start-Up Specialist


BizSynk LLC has been working with clients just like you for the past 10 years.  Prior to starting the consulting business, both owners worked in corporate business, honing their experience and learning how to best help you create a successful business.

Rodney Vines has had 20 years in Project Management and logistics. His goal is to outline and track the tasks associated with your business down the hour to ensure you receive our quality services on schedule, and within budget.

Johanna Wright-Vines has had over 20 years in the accounting field and spent 7 of them in a top 10 accounting firm.  Her goal is to make your accounting books easily read not only by you but also by your tax preparer, in order to minimize the amount of time they need to prepare your tax forms ... thus saving you money!  Johanna has been extremely selective in bringing in clients, as she wants to provide you with personal one-on-one relationships and not a bunch of clients to feel the coffers.

If you are interested, please complete the attached form.  Either Rodney and/or Johanna will set up a free 30-minute conference call to answer your questions and let us show you how we can be the best silent partner you had to build your business.

Whether it is a one-time project you need help or guidance on or a continuous monthly relationship to keep the books in order - We are at the right time for your business.  Our success is always measured by your success.

General Pricing Structure:

Initial Consultation - Free

One-Time Set up Fee - $500

Used to ensure all the accounts are set up correctly.  Reporting is complete and accurate.  Prior year numbers match the previous tax returns to ensure consistency.  We review everything, and ask questions - not only to sure the books are set up correctly so that we can better understand your business and ensure your business goals are in mind even when preparing the simplest of tasks.

What this gets you:

1.  Weekly review of all your accounts - updating the QuickBooks accounts as needed
2.  Monthly reconciliation
3.  Monthly reporting (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Cash Flow)
4.  Reports needed for you and/or your accountant to prepare necessary forms needed to file with State and/or Federal authorities

What additional services can BizSynk offer your company?

-Payroll processor
-Consulting on helping you obtain your business goals

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 We'd love you hear your story and show you how we can help you make your story even bigger!

Our success is measured by your success.