Small Business Support and Services

Program Management Support

  • Develop solution packages to empower the work force to execute and report project management activities which aligns with the sponsor and shareholder’s strategic objectives.
  • Assist Sponsor and Shareholder strategic goal setting, road mapping, and communication.
  • Develop program management philosophy for project management governance.
  • Identify key performance indicator and performance scorecards to optimized project performance.
  • Develop supporting project templates to standardize tasks sequencing and work break structures for like kind project team tasks.

Software Solution and Evaluation Support:

  • Coordinatein the RFI/ RFP/ RFQ process.
  • Provide project management oversight for product deployment and Implementation.
  • Engagement project and operation offices with personnel training and process based.
  • Design and Implement process to solutions control
  • Coordinate and document Governance planning

PM Training Support:
BizSynk PM offer training courses based on the needs of your organization from project management life cycle, project management tool sets, enterprise portfolio project management solutions utilization. More information is available below, or give us a call and one of our consultants will help you find the right training for your specific experience and future ambitions.
The benefits from a systematic and well-controlled approach to managing projects which are aligned with the organizations strategic goals and executive program to project management philosophy and decision making. Some of the benefits of professional project management include:

  • Scenario based training tailored to organization objectives.
  • Responsibilities for the delivery of the project are clearly defined.
  • Ongoing changes to the project scope or objective are well-controlled.
  • Risks associated with the project are minimized.
  • Identify Issues faster to mitigate project budget and schedule overruns
  • Current experience contributes to more successful future projects.
  • Leadership skills are improved and behaviors changed.
  • Projects delivered more successfully and to a higher standard.

 Tailored Program/ Project Management System Training Curriculum

The development of a tailored training program starts with us learning about your culture, objectives, challenges and constraints. We then devise a program to equip your project teams with the practical skills and knowledge they need to deliver projects more successfully.

  • What is different about our tailored courses?
  • We take time to understand your business culture and challenges
  • We help you articulate your objectives so our training delivers measurable benefits.
  • Project management best-practices can be combined with an existing PM framework
  • Help develop a more professional approach to projects.
  • Real-life projects and problems can be incorporated into the training.
  • Case studies and interactive sessions are relevant to your business.